Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{Spring is Sprung} Celebrating the Exploration of LIFE...

Celebrating the Exploration of LIFE...
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{ March Madness }
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Owldorably Yours, 
Here is some heART journey journal work I've been cooking up in the Candy Studio too!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Candy Comeback…

Wowza…if someone had told me that March of 2013 I’d fallen off of the earth, I wouldn’t of believed them one itty bit.  I needed time…and lot’s of it apparently.  Time to gather my thoughts, Time to re-ignite my inner-inspiration, Time to realize that I’m only but one person and can only do a handful of things at one time and that the MOST important of them all is being there for me and my Family.  I can’t say with full honesty that the ol’ adage “Time heals all wounds” has given me that but what I can say is that it only took one special person to see that my wings were broken.  That I was softly & quietly suffering in utter silence.  That I couldn’t gather the courage to make a Comeback!  This precious Angel came along, picked-up my broken wing & helped me mend it back into place.  Actually there are many special persons, Sisters I’d like to call  them.  Brave Brave Brave & Courageous Sisters that just seen within me what I couldn’t see within myself.  For them I am deeply grateful and ever so thankful for their love & dedication in walking me through a journey I’m still on but foremost for BELIEVING in lil’ ol’ me.

I can’t even begin to describe the pain I’ve endured or the soul dampened grief I’ve experienced over this last year.  The battle is not over for the struggles of our Family that’s facing them and I’m not the only one as I remember that always.  However, I’m stronger then I think and I know I have the capacity to do what I’m meant to be here to do for YOU!  “ENCOURAGE”  This is my word for 2014!  It’s always what’s been in my heART of heART’s to do on a daily basis and sometimes when you go through so much pain that your about to falter into an oblivion you realize that You have a choice.  My choice is simple…I’m ready!  Ready to make a Come Back and be who Heavenly Father put me here to be.  Let me share my definition of “Encourage”: (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

Encourage Defined:

“Encourage Tangle”:

These three very prominent moments and demonstrations of ‘Encourage’ment completely contributed to the Candy Comeback…

The Beautiful Souls of Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins on “The Walk”: (Click On “The Walk” Photo & watch the Video!)

BraveGirls THE-WALK-logo-semi-flat-nodate-450

YaYa Scrapbooking Post Dedication & Gift: (Click Angel Wing for Dedicated Post & the 11x14 Print to Order!)

One Wing001 YaYa11x14OriginalPrintGift

Mixed Media Monday’s with Tracy Weinzapfel Studios & our MMM FB Group! (Click the LOVE for Tracy Blog Post and Video)

Love Grows 2014
What these Phenomenally “Encourage” moments gave to me was the ability to share & embrace my no scrapping anything Policy & a Brand New Print (available soon in my Etsy Shop) to share with Owl of YOU!:


Dream A Lil Dream 014

These three Beautiful moments and Four Courageously Brave Soul Sisters and the many Women who come along with each of these impactful moments have changed me Forever!  I will always be on a journey of ‘change’, we all are.  Mine is coming back from a very painful and grieving place of silence and self-doubt.  So I “ENCOURAGE” You Today…not tomorrow, not next week but TODAY, to grab a pen and paper & jot down all the reasons why YOU DESERVE to be LOVED!  It’s not as easy as you think…after all we don’t always take time for ourselves that we need and right now, this moment…You NEED to “ENCOURAGE” YOU!  I will have tons more to share in the upcoming weeks, months and hopefully years to come.  As this journey now is about full disclosure and honesty in my journey through healing, enjoying, sharing, creating, inspiring, and educating others through my Love and Passions in Life. (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)
HUGS for all my Candy’s,
Owldorably Yours,

Monday, April 29, 2013

{Motivational Monday} Love of a Mentor Michelle S.

Wowza...1/3 of the year is nearly gone by & I've gotten lost somewhere in between heARTistry Court & New Business Drive, yet clearly stuck in the middle of Breakdown Alley behind My Mind's Place.
How is that for an entrance...or an exit?
So here is the dealio...I personally plan on making my Bloggy Blog what is meant to be & that really is it; "The Journey through My Love & Passions in Life" - Right? (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

When I first started writing it was & is always about heART and things I love to share along the way.  What I haven't expressed is that I truly came to a point where I had way to many things going on & I wasn't able to stop to catch my breathe let alone get a blog post in.

See early in March the following Monday after I had my hair-cut etc. I found that my Blog decided to transform itself on it's own with many failed attempts at going through any type of recovery process.  "Hey it happens to all of us!"  I don't care who you are...where your from...what your background is...WE all go through technologically challenged circumstances.  I also admit that I took some time in self-reflection and underwent an insurmountable amount of obstacles, that frankly...I'm still going through.  We all do...the point is, how do you embrace it?

I met this incredible Mentor approx. 7 years ago at a Home Party that I shadowed when I first joined Close To My Heart.  Her name is Michelle...now I asked her this question as I reflect back on her life, career, what she has given up, what she has endured, what she has gained, & the admiration that I feel for being one of the most INCREDIBLE Ladies I have the honor to know.

This is what I asked "Michelle, I struggle with time management and I watch you & have no idea how in the world that you do it.  You have got to be exhausted."  Mind you this Lovely lady has almost 20 years into Close To My Heart and started off as an Elementary teacher when she first joined.  CTMH became her sole income that supported the wonderful things she has been able to bless her children with and do for her Team of CTMH Sisters from all over.  She is selfless, loving, inspiring, has a SMILE that moves you into her blanket of comfort and one owldorable giggle that is infectious.

Why am I telling you this about her...well.. I want you to see her through my eyes.  The eyes of someone she never once judged.  Always willing to help and support through my business and more...& when I couldn't figure out how in the world she does what she does for the life of me (Managed teaching Sunday School at her local Church, Run a Team of Amazing Women, Raised & Put both of her Children through College, Spends Countless Hours providing community support along with her Team...Like I could swear this Lady has a Red Cape on) & when I asked her that question, right after Leadership Conference one day, she gave me an answer that resonates with me to this very day!!!  "Nichole, I live in the moment for that moment at that moment, until the next moment comes along."  (whoo okay I'm wiping a tear from my eyes right now but bear with me here)
This is Michelle:  (Click The Pic To Check er out...after you finish reading)
Yeppers...Her is the BEST right!
Now this is what she is able to do by being a MENTOR, FRIEND, & MORE...
Photo of her in Puerto Rico:
Look...you have got to go check out her Blog...as she just recently joined the world of Social Media but let me tell you something.  She has what it takes to make a change in the world.  To always be a Force for Good!  She is more then a motivator or inspirationlist but she is a TRUE POSSIBILITARIAN!  She never reads my blog so I'm thankful I get to write this about her & she will never know lol :D

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that this woman has contributed to the woman I aspire to become every single day.  She is in my thoughts, my prayers, and I feel her lift me up when I started on my own business as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl.  She is one of the most selfless people I have the honor and privilege to know and learn from.

I know many of my followers are apart of Close To My Heart and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that company & every single Sister & Executive member to those that pack our packages to taking our phone calls, the art department to the those that clean that building and the drivers who pick-up packages.  I resigned from the company not for any other reason but because I knew at the time it was right for me to do.  (Doesn't mean I won't be back!?!) - It just means that right now in my moment, this moment, at the moment, I'm living in the moment.  I just wanted to take the time to pay homage to the one woman that has been by my side no matter what through-out my entire career & cheered me on and made Close To My Heart so near & dear to me to this day.  Without her MENTORSHIP (which there is a difference between being a Leader & a Mentor) - I would never of had the extrodinary experience that I have or the endearing ever-lasting love that I still have for Close To My Heart.

So yes...she is apart of my journey through my loves & passions in life as it all started with that first party I shadowed with her years ago.  Thank YOU Michelle!  May Heavenly Father continue to bless you on your journey and that this be the year for all to know it.
Your Biggest FAN...
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Melt Down Mania…

Howdy Candies…I have no idea what in the world happened & I just wanted to touch base to let you know that I have lost every single image on my blog & no idea how to fix it all.  Over 2 years worth of photos.  So if you click on them you can view them in another tab.  I’ve been a bitty absent for a substantial amount of time to re-group & gather myself heARTisticly & in Business.  I appreciate your patience while I’m making all of the transitions as Blogger & my normal publishing format are having current issues reading one another.  
I do have a new do to share that may help in waiting until I get some things uploaded of what I’ve done.  HUGS xoxo


Yes…I’d say if going through my google & fixing duplicated images had totally affected my entire blog & every entry then I would gander to say I won’t ever be touching that feature again lol.  This is cause for nearly a total meltdown to wake up to.  Thanks for Stamping By…