Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anniversary Surprise & More…

Howdy Candies…It’s been one wild week here at the Candy House.  I can only say this about it as it is reminisce of  “Life is like a box of chocolates…You Never Know what your gonna get”.  The week was filled with a multitude of surprises.  Is anyone else thrilled that Tax Day is finally over? I personally am & for the first time in a long time it just so happened that our Anniversary fell the day before taxes vs. the day after.  I promise we didn’t plan that 8 years ago when we decided to say our vows, it just so happen the date spoke to us at the time.  Boy oh boy the things we don’t consider until much much later in life…lol.  I can’t get into all the details of what the week brought to our doorsteps as it was filled with loss, grief, angst, joy, love, re-kindled relations & more.  What I do want to share is a highlight of our extraordinary Anniversary Gift.  (To leave a comment, thoughts, suggestions, or feedback - just click the title to this post & scroll to the bottom)

One of my Favorite Places to Get-Away “The Anniversary Inn”:

This place is a very special little hide away, not to far from home.  It allows us to get-away from the everyday & admittedly aside from R&R it allows for quality time to re-connect.  This was only our 2nd time coming here as we had a bounce back special gift certificate that couldn’t of come at a better time.  What I love about “The Anniversary Inn” is that no matter the scenario it truly does cater to many.  Here are a couple of stories I read in the room journal we stayed in:  A Mother (78) & Daughter came to just spend quality time with each other after her last round of chemo.  Two Sisters traveled through just to spend quality time reconnecting.  While we were there this time there was a Best Friend Duo that had a fun time just having a girls night in the “Hollywood” suite.  I can’t say I don’t blame them as I would do the same thing…FREE fresh popped popcorn & a huge big screen!  (Click the photo to book your get-away Suite today):


So “Punny” in the words of Joy…When I initially called to book a room I opted for the Capital suite, with the finalization of taxes etc. etc. I thought it to be fitting.  When we arrived however, Uhm I realized that 99.9% of the time when we do travel we get to stay in Suites or mini-apartments so to speak that kinda reminded me of that…so this room just was not working for me. I went out to the car to grab the rest of our dinner & asked my Darling Husband I wonder if we can switch rooms?  Well surprise surprise I was double duped because while I was in the car he managed with the help of the staff member “Stephanie” to do a switcharoo on me.  (Just from the look on my face he could tell when we walked into the “Capital” Suite) So he handed me a key that said 16 “Mansion” & this is what I walked back to the room into:





As though that wasn’t enough this is what I woke up too:



After we had our homemade breakfast & checked out, I looked above the mountain side & was curious about the Historic Boise Train Depot.  Though deserted at this time on a monday it certainly seemed we had the entire depot to ourselves & I was able to capture a really cool picture overlooking Boise & if you look close enough at the 2nd photo you can see the tippy top of our capital.:



Of course I was so thankful about the entire stay & the exemplary customer service that I created this for “The Anniversary Inn” staff (sealed with microglaze):



Then when I came home I had another SaWeet Surprise from my dearest Friend over at…My Ink Blok blending tools!  By far I have to be honest here…these are the best blending tools in the market!  Not just because they are custom made with my personal engraving…but because they are hand-crafted with lots of love using the finest imported quality of woods, & extremely durable (no fussing about the Velcro base for my felt or foam applicators), the handle makes it easier to blend & they store just like any of the other blending tools on the market only these are indispensable. Bonus it’s the personal touch of the gorgeous tag creation…I always say Customer Service & Details are the most important to me & without question StamperStorage does this: (Just click on the photo to order your personal Ink Blok today)


So this was my Sweet Anniversary Surprise!!!  I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into a very special day & more.  Oh Wait…there is one more thing I wanted to share…I’m feeling extremely blessed & humbled too & wanted to give a HUGE HUG & Thank You to Sizzix & Glue Dots for their generous prize package give-away they have going on their blogs.  It’s just amazing!  Yes, I won…& so can YOU.  Just hop on over to to check out how you too, can enter to win!  I’m loving reading about all the really incredible shares of heART they are posting & highly encourage you to sneak over & feel inspired too!   They even have the “Where in The World is Your Vagabond” gauge keys promotion with 486 entries & growing (supplies are limited so find your Vagabond & Share).  Thank You so much for Stamping By…I’m headed off into the Studio to complete my “Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 2” challenge entry & will be back later today to share…


Bella said...

So nice to hear you had a wonderful time. We all need to do this kind of thing more. Sounds like your week was very up and down...Nice to hear you were a winner. I got my stamps yesterday from the CC101 prize...over the moon happy!

Creatique Candy said...

Thank You Bella! I'm so happy for you Sweetie, that's so awesome to read. Stamps are always a bonus. I don't think I've ever stamped as much as I do now. & YES YES YES We all need these types of outings even if it is once a year I highly encourage downtime or reconnecting it is just as important to maintaining your health as granola is ;)
HUGS & Thank you so much!

Lynn Stevens said...

Love the Anniversary Inn. What a beautiful room you had and a nice surprise by your DH. We stayed in the SunValley room. Sat on the porch in the rockers! so fun!

The photo of the train depot sure brought back memories. Years ago before they put the new road in. I used to go their during my lunch hour. I worked a block away. It was so beautiful with the waterfall and flowers. A shame they tore most of it out.
Congrats on your win too.!
hugs Lynn