Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My First Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry Inspired Tag

So my girlfriend stopped over this evening & it just so happens that it’s her Husbands Birthday tomorrow…I LOVE when I get spur of the moment visits it’s such a treat to have an excuse to create, wouldn’t you agree?  The best part of it was that instantaneously I knew exactly what I wanted to make but just didn’t have the right configurations in my head,.  I mean I totally went Tim Holtz near ‘convert status’ crazy & enjoyed an indulgence of Joann’s fabric sales & had TONS of Findings to choose from.  What in the world is a girl to do?  Alas…My Girlfriend chimmed in with her own creative musings & we ended up creating an Ah-Some Birthday Tag that fit them perfectly.  I LURV the way it came out!  & Trust me it is totally “Blue China”ish in person & rocks!  Uhm…yeah let me just get to it & show ya?….Ready…Set…



This has so many meanings behind it & I only used 1 really easy technique to create the background.  “Broken China”…how many times can I say that word in one post?  (giggle)


Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to get any more photos before she wisked away to enjoy an evening with her wonderful Husband the eve of his Birthday.  So Sweet!!!  I’m just tickled about the visit, the ability to create on a whim & spend quality time making something for some pretty special people in our lives.  What a way to cap off the evening of Day 7 in “Creative Chemistry 101”.  & Guess what…This is my very own 1st Tim Holtz Creatique Candy Original artwork inspired by his inspiring artistry.  Thanks for Stamping By to Share…

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