Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 9 “Creative Chemistry 101”– Journey


Howdy Candies…today I actually feel like a ‘chemist’ of artistry!  Yes…Creative Chemistry certainly has turned me into a mad chemist of sorts with mixing re-inkers & playing with perfect pearls…it was just Ah-Mazing to have these droppers, colors, & yep some swarovski pearls to mix it all up surrounding my craft sheet.  Talk about so many options & endless possibilities for backgrounds, the best part is that it is all PEARLFECT!  I could have had my lab coat & protective glasses on for today’s lesson without a doubt.  (I honestly think I would make an excellent chemist in a coat)  Funny how I took grad courses in criminal investigation forensics then to turn into an Artistic Chemist…well of course neither are the same but none the less I like the later the best!  After all who says a Lady doesn’t love PEARLS right?  Well let me just show you what I came up with: (To leave Feedback or a comment just click on the Title to this post & scroll down)

Technique Collage I created in my PSE9 program to show what I learned with Close-Ups of 3 Different Techniques:


Here are the Tags I did for reference:


Technique #1 – This is where the “Mad Chemist” came out in me…I had so many color variations to use & with only 2 sets of perfect pearls it was just stunning the results I got.  I’m very pleased with this technique & how it turned out.  The best part was having the most awesome inky fingers & hands ever!  I was covered in pearls literally…well at least a mica version of them. I don’t know how many times I have to say I love “Broken China” & it truly doesn’t matter what form you purchase it in.  I’m lucky to have re-inker, stains, & Distress ink pad to work with…LOVE the results, what do you think?

Day-9-Technique-#1 Close-Up-Day-9-Technique-#1

Technique #2 – I’m loving this “Papillion” stamp set…truly this background has saved me when I haven’t had many of the larger ones to work with.  (I will build some & get a flourish for sure)  I totally didn’t know how the background would work & were using lighter colors so of course my choice is “Broken China” & “Mustard Seed”…I have to admit I adore the way the wicking turned out as I stamped in distress ink with none other than “Broken China” & “Walnut Stain”…yep sure did, then I mixed the patina’s with copper perfect pearls for this. 

Day-9-Technique-#2 Close-Up-Day-9-Technique-#2

Technique #3 – I’m looking forward to doing my best to get this technique down…I know it is one of the easiest & the trick is to make sure it doesn’t look muddied.  It’s all in the chemistry of mixing opaque's with translucent & recognizing which color's work best.  Still the end result I’m very happy with. 

Day-9-Technique-#3 Close-Up-Day-9-Technique-#3

I truly can’t thank Tim Holtz enough for his personal hands-on approach to this online class!  He’s given me such great advice on how to apply his products, testing out different mediums I own & encouraging me to work with different things.  In all honesty this is one of the best classroom experiences I’ve ever had.  Not withstanding a HUGE shout out to the Team at online Card Classes & Tim’s team that’s working behind the scenes.  There is only 1 more day left in this series but to be honest I can’t wait till he does 102 or 103 or more…Truly the price you pay to take the course is PRICELESS & only $35.00.  That is a steal considering you get to work personally with one of the most inventive Artists in the industry.  I love his style & he has taught me so much on this journey.  There is still time to join in the class as you have a lifetime access to all the class content…just click my CC101 participant badge to be directed to sign-up.  & While your there please check out other offers by Online Card Classes…these folks are just wonderful!  Thanks for All of your support & Stamping By…

P.S. I just learned yesterday why my photos don’t turn out as FAB as I want them too so I tried something a little different today & would love to know your thoughts & if you can tell a difference.  TY so much for your feedback.


ValB said...

Really pretty!

Jen said...

I love your tags again Nichole :)

Chris said...

These are all beautiful Nichole and I love the effects you achieved and wonderful colours...looks like chemistry is your thing :D!

Sandra said...

Beautiful tags! They look amazing!

Lisa said...

Your tags look gorgeous, I like the color combos you used as well. Pretty cool how it's a different look every time. Perfect pearls are my favorite!!

Sara Jansen said...

Your colors are nice and light. Apparently I have forgotten about this whole side of the spectrum, and seem to be drawn to these light and airy colors of late....isn't this class amazing. I too, feel like a chemist and the results are so fun to see. Really great for experimentation.