Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 8 “Creative Chemistry 101”– Journey & Cricut AP Photo Tutorial


Howdy Candies & My TH CC101 Class-mates…Today we learned some really cool painting techniques.  I used to LOVE painting & wonder how I ever got away from it. I have a few hand-drawn paintings I did with various mediums that I found during a hidden treasures post I did in October (just click the sentence to open in a new tab).  It’s funny because to this day I have yet to paint anything else but I do tend to sketch a bit or rather doodle lol.  Anywho…I have lots of photos to share today because during class there was a question I had in using grunge board or in my case grunge paper & the Cricut with our very own CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge.  I didn’t know quite exactly how to explain what I did & I do know a few CTMH Sisters that just adore Tim Holtz as much as I do…in saying that I ended up promising those on the forum thread that I would post photos of the process in order to help out & of course reference for anyone who loves our CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge that would love to try this with the awesome idea-ology grunge paper.  You can certainly purchase the Cricut AP cartridge from me!  Yep I have a blog badge button just to be able to purchase this incredible die-cut of sorts, just click it to link up.  I will be posting the Tutorial photos after the Technique I did using it…So without further ado Photos: (Side-Note: If you would like to sound off or leave a comment just click the title to this post & scroll down to the bottom)

Technique Collage I created in my PSE9 program to show what I learned with Close-Ups of 3 Different Techniques:


Here are the Tags I did for reference:


Technique #1 – I LOVE LOVE LOVE Canvas & sticky back with craft sheet just rocks!  I have to admit here that I did order the Claudine natural sticky back canvas & going through the box finally as we used it today, unfortunately that did not come for whatever reason! Trust me I spent all morning looking & it just wasn’t in there.  So of course my out of the box thinking decided that I had a package of ATC natural sticky back canvas from Ranger that I used instead...I did have to cut it down & attempted to create a window effect on my tag.  Whatever works is what I say!  

Day-8-Technique-Tag-#1 Close-Up-Day-8-Technique-#1

Technique #2 – I had a lot of FUN with this technique & of course I just opened up a brand new Distress Crackle Paint “Broken China” (love that color) & whatcha know…it was dry & mudd to say the least.  That is not usually how it is & certainly Ranger stands behind their products.  I just happen to be a very impatient person & used water to get the best I could out of it…of course I had to do a couple times & applied to 2 different tags, then it was sit & wait to see what it did.  I personally LOVE the way they turned out even with a bitty of technical issues with the medium…Thoughts?

Day-8-Technique-Tag-#2 Close-Up-Day-8-Technique-#2


Technique #3 – This was really neat!  I love glass effect & I didn’t put enough layering of the “Rock Candy” to make it more cracked but I sure LOVE the way the shapes turned out.  This is where I used my Cricut AP cartridge.  Since I don’t have grunge board shapes etc. I used the next best thing which is grunge paper & created my very own. 

Day-8-Technique-Tag-#3 Close-Up-Day-8-Technique-Ta

Alternate Shapes I could of used on the tag:


So now that you’ve seen the creations I did in Day 8…as promised here is a photo tutorial of sorts demonstrating what I did using my Cricut Expressions Anniversary Edition aka E2.  This is my very first photo tutorial of sorts so I sure hope it helps.  That’s why I highly encourage comments & feedback from my fellow Class-Mates, CTMH Sisters, & Customers to help me do better in the future, so Thank YOU!

Supplies: Cricut, Cricut AP cartridge, Tim Holtz grunge paper, Cutting Mat, & AP book for reference of the shape.


In an E2 once the cartridge is loaded all you have to do is click on the shift/lock key to see the flourish which is 2 rows to the right & 2nd image down.  I did the hearts too which is 2 rows from the left bottom image.


After that I clicked on the image itself (it will show up in the white bar in the photo you see above), it then opened up a window for me to size.


This part is pretty self-explanatory as to what I did & the size I used too…


Now the cutting part…This is my first experience using this material & I have to say I LOVE the smell of it…kinda like leather in a way.  I know many people use various settings when cutting I personally used these settings to make sure I got a good quality cut.  I made sure my cutting blade knob housing was set at 6 on the inside of the machine.  Then of course the other measurements are in the photo.


The rest is uhm…history as they say…


I hope you enjoyed Day 8…only 2 more days left to go & then it’s off to get a few things done in the office that desperately need my attention after all April 16th is coming up pretty fast & that’s my Anniversary.  Plus at the end of my CC101 online class journey I have a HUGE Blog Candy to post.  Stay Tuned & Thanks for Stamping By…


Midnightscrapper said...

love what day 8 has taught us and your finished projects are stunning, Think I am going to have to get some broken china crackle paint! yummy!

MrsDragon said...

That Broken China really is lovelly! Have to get me some of that!! :)
LOVE your tags!

Bonnie said...

Your umbrella man tags rock!

Barb S said...

thanks for this great info. I LOVE my AP cartridge and all the extremely brilliant things in can do. I will have to try cutting something for the rock candy crackle paint technique. And also loved your broken china paint. Thanks for the ideas!

Jen said...

I just started following you.
Love your tags. Beautiful work. I especially love the Umbrella Man!
I'm going to miss these classes.

Shelly Hickox said...

Really beautiful techniques!!

Amy said...

The broken china sure does look like a fab colour, I really like your 'window' effect. The man with the umbrella is my fave though. I got a similar result with the crackle on grunge - it's because I was too impatient and dryed it with a heat gun, did you do the same? x

Lisa said...

Another great "paint" day. Your umbrella man is my fave. Love that vibrant blue!