Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 7 “Creative Chemistry 101”– Journey


Howdy Candies…I’m loving today’s techniques more than words can say.  I feel in love with embossing years ago with that first glimpse of watching the powder turn to a top coated plastic effect.  In just about every piece of artwork I’ve created I put some sort of embossing in it, uhm…Can you tell it’s my favorite thing to do?  Funny thing is that there are a couple standard things that I should of known but never did until today.  Which is funny because I’ve always been one to stamp with an ink pad then use clear detail over the top.  Suffice to say I’m probably one of the only people who has embossed for years & literally had no idea that there are 3 forms of clear emboss powders.  (Giggle) very very true I promise you this.  It makes a huge difference I can attest that it does & certainly it depends on the surface that your using or what type of powders or even the way your applying & drying.  So in a nutshell I learned all about my Favorite thing to do when I create & then some.  So I wanted to share what I played around with & I’m loving all the Scrapalicious Love & Feedback I’m receiving from all of my Class-mates, Friends, & Family. If you would like to sound off on this day’s creations please feel free to click on the Title of this post and scroll to the bottom to leave a comment.  So without further ado…Yep PHOTOS:

Technique Collage I created in my PSE9 program to show what I learned with Close-Ups of 3 Different Techniques:


Here are the Tags I did for reference:


Technique #1 – This is one of my Favorites…Mostly because it is versatile as far as what one can do with the various colors in the background.  I actually did a two-tone stamp effect on the butterfly from CTMH “Find Your Style” stamp set.  I wanted to play with truly blending colors.  I think that I achieved what I was looking for & would of used a different flourish as my personal critique…What are your thoughts?:

Day-7-Technique-Tag-#1 Close-Up-Day-7-Technique-#1

Technique #2 – I’m going to LOVE applying this technique to various backgrounds that is a promise!  This enameled look is the coolest thing I ever did see…only next time I reckon I should use some regular clear emboss powder as you can tell I did use the fine detail clear emboss powder.  Nevertheless I LOVE “Broken China”!:

Day-7-Technique-Tag-#2 Close-Up-Day-7-Technique-#2

Technique #3 – Now this is one cool embossing powder & I think that’s about all I gotta say bout that!  I adore the effects it gives & pleasantly it teaches me a bitty of patience too, how Awesome is that? By now you can tell one of my Fav rubber sets is this new sewing one I got recently “Haberdashery” well not exactly but it is one of the images I use from it:

Day-7-Technique-Tag-#3 Close-Up-Day-7-Technique-#3

I’m very pleased with all of the results considering this is one of my favorite things to do & for the purpose of class I’m only playing with technique & learning how they work with the chemistry of colors & products.  There is still 3 more days left of class, Oh NO!  What will I do next…I reckon if you stay tuned I have a HUGE give-away in preparation to share after the last day!  Thank You all so much for your support & encouragement it makes a huge difference on this creative journey.  Thanks for Stamping By…


Annette Green said...

Nichole, your tags turned out so great! I love embossing powder too yet learned a few good things today I never knew. Awesome job!

Karin said...

You've done a great job with these tags Nichole.
BTW I love the train stamp too and have only just acquired it. It's a beautiful stamp.
See you in class tomorrow.

Terry said...

Wow! Now this is a gorgeous grouping of tags! That red butterfly is spectacular! Love them all! BTW, thank you for following and I don't know if you noticed I have a blog candy offer! Happy to follow you!

Jen said...

Your butterfly tag is beautiful. I actually like that flourish for a change. What can I say, I love them all :)