Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 6 “Creative Chemistry 101”– Journey


Howdy Candies…Today I learned to just play!  This was definitely a challenge for me to do.  I’m not use to just playing to play & delve into no certain expectations or vision but just take out markers, paper, stamps, & allow to just let whatever comes about, transform.  I have to be completely honest…these tags today were totally about embracing learning the techniques.  There was nothing more fun then diving into creating shades, hues, and blending using added effects.  It reminds me of when I was in school & how much I really do miss taking art classes.  Though I think my favorite college art class was “Elementary Art” Education.  I’ve always enjoyed seeing things from the little ones eyes & minds.   I actually did 2 sets…1 with my Daughter (she asked me not to share – she got tired of learning after the first 2 porcupines), personally I would of done lots more just to get the shade & colors of his body down…Oh & the flowers (To leave a comment just click on this posts title & scroll down to the bottom, I love hearing your thoughts & sharing insights)…well let me just share:

Technique Collage I created in my PSE9 program to show what I learned with Close-Ups of 3 Different Techniques:


Here are the Tags I did for reference:


Technique #1 – This was Lots of FUN for me to play with because I like to watercolor now!  It gives so many different effects.  & Oh My the many colors from just a couple:

Day-6-Technique-#1 Close-Up-Day-6-Technique-#1

Technique #2 – Uhm…yes with “picket fence” you can truly get a very pastelish face for a porcupine.  I actually colored to dark but I love that marker as it helped lighten him up a bitty…Just enjoyed blending shades with them all the way around:

Day-6-Technique-Tag-#2  Close-Up-Day-6-Technique-#2

Technique #3 – I LOVE coloring on a rubber stamp with these!  The colors were very vibrant…(were because I used a very dark distress over the top), & it is one of my favorite techniques for creating with.  I just wanted to understand how in the world a rubber stamp could hold such fabulous color integrity after walking away from it for a few hours & then coming back to stamp.  Uhm…WoW!  That is really cool I must say:

Day-6-Technique-#3 Close-Up-Day-6-Technique-#3

So while it is very dark & another day is come upon me so quickly there isn’t natural light for me to share the true aspect of the stamped image other than the lil guy in the technique close-up.  I may do a mini-follow up on this technique to demonstrate what I mean…stay tuned & Thanks for Stamping By…

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