Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 4 of “Creative Chemistry 101”–Journey


Howdy Candies…I did finish these yesterday I just didn’t have time to get them posted up or linked.  I reckon it was due to getting up at 2:00 am MST, that I may of fallen asleep a bitty. Which I ended up missing out on these exclusive “Hunger Games” premier tickets that I won on our local radio station last week, bummer dealio…though I have to say I haven’t had a chance to read the book & admittedly I love reading the book prior to going to see a movie.  Besides, I was busy getting CREATIVE & totally inky…ShamWow, I thank that handy dandy craft scrubbie I got.  Though I’m starting to truly learn to “Embrace My Imperfections” so getting inky is a lotta FUN!  Without Further Ado PHOTOS:

Technique Collage I created in my PSE9 program to show what I learned with Close-Ups of 3 Different Techniques:


Here are the Tags I did for reference:


Technique #1 – I had tons of FUN playing with the stamp set.  I didn’t have a detailed stamp set to water-color from so I invented a background.  Tis funny as my DH said “I didn’t know what to think when I seen you stamping all that chaos down on water-color paper, It looks AWESOME!”  I might have to agree with him on this one, as I LOVE how it turned out:

Day-4-Technique-Tag-#1 Close-Up-Day-4-Technique-#1

Technique Tag #2 – I’m not sure why, but I sure struggled with this one.  I think it was the easiest to do too!  I was so limited on my colors of Distress Re-Inkers so I combined a little CTMH pearl paint with Tulip & I personally think it came out pretty different & I used some mini-masks on it.  Below are my 1st try and this one together side-by-side:

Day-4-Technique-Tag-#2 Close-Up-Day-4-Technique-#2


Technique Tag #3 – Again, limited on what I have in colors at the moment…I still enjoy the way this came out!  I’m in LOVE with creating my own foam stamp pads.  Way too Cool!

Day-4-Technique-Tag#3 Close-Up-Day-4-Technique-#3

I have more to share for Day 5, Yep they are complete!  I just need to finish up the photo cropping to post so Stay Tuned & Thanks for Stamping By…

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