Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 2 of “Creative Chemistry 101”

WoW!  Is all I know how to say right now.  I’m enjoying my first ever online class: “Creative Chemistry 101” with Tim Holtz.  I have to admit that Day 1 was wonderful for me to go through my inventory and understand the “chemistry” of what I own in my Studio because I realized that I truly didn’t understand what I have on hand.  It was an incredible eye-opener because it helped me to know, that I’m one of those shoppers that likes all the pretty packaging instead of actually reading labels and knowing what I’m buying.  I’m so grateful to know that I can now budget by project and know what I’m using and how to use it!

Today in Day 2, I learned so much about myself…1.  Being Authentic and Organic is okay.  Out the door with any perception of perfectionism for sure.  There really is no right or wrong way of distressing or stamping, it just has to look good to ME.  2.  Practice what I learn over and over till I understand how the “chemistry” works…this is an awesome eye-opener for me especially because I was able to delve into my personal Close To My Heart stamps and use for the first time my “Treasure Life” stamp set, that otherwise would still sit untouched in my acrylix organizer.  The hardest part about water color stamping is that I keep forgetting that the water spritz goes on the stamp itself prior to putting it down. lol & last but not least…3.  I learned more about shades and colors in application then I ever had before and also how to conserve what I own in a learning process.  While I did not use CTMH stamp pads in the following photos I will share…I did learn that I can blend with my ink pads, I just have to be careful because they do not contain a water reactive chemical property (I ended up with a watery mess). 

I’m truly enjoying learning so much and it’s only the 2nd day.  There are some supplies that I do not own in my inventory so I won’t be posting every single day photos of what I create but I will say that I’m sure some of You my adoring Candies do!  So it would be awesome if you can join me in Tim Holtz first ever “Creative Chemistry 101” class and share what we learn in our Journey together.  Just click the bold links to join in along with us. As I mentioned before, I can NOT share what is in the classes but as I promised I WILL share photos of what I create from them.  So without further ado Day 2 Photos:

Technique Collage I created in my PSE9 program to show what I learned with Close-Ups of 3 Different Techniques:


Here are the Tags I did for reference:


Technique Tag #1 Just playing around with some of my Favorite TH Distress Ink Pads:

Technique#1 Close-Up-Technique-#1

Technique Tag #2 using “Treasure Life” CTMH Stamp Set:

Technique#2 Close-Up-Technique-#2

Technique Tag #3 (Don’t know why but this one I had to do 3 tries and some of it still looks muddy to me):

Technique#3 Close-Up-Technique-#3

Thank You all so much for enduring my NEW Creative Journey, I feel very blessed to have you apart of it!  Thanks for Stamping By…


Winnie said...

Great homework assisgnment! Love all your pieces! It is a great class! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Karin said...

Great work! And I don't think that the wrinkle-free looks muddy...it's really vibrant and looks fabulous!

LizArt said...

Great tags, great work!

Ann said...

Fantastic tags - so colourful!!!
I'm so pleased I joined this class :D
Ann-R X