Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Candy Design & Ventures To Share

My Dearest Candies, I want to thank you all for stamping by whilst I’ve been absent this last week.  Without going into to much detail the Candy Studio was on hold due to our son being in a serious car accident one week ago today.  We are happy to report that he survived with some soft tissue injuries that are currently being tended to through therapy and follow-up.  With that said I personally have experienced every Mother’s nightmare in having to deal with something so serious and life altering for our entire family.  I can only imagine the road our son has that lies ahead but we are truly blessed and thankful that our Heavenly Father has looked out for us in so many ways. 

First I wanted to send out a HUGE appreciation for the First-Responders in Middleton, ID. for their prompt and immediate attention to the scene and the way they handled the situation.  I realize that some would say that certainly that’s what First-Responders do.  However, I tend to think and reflect back at that very moment and even now, I feel they did more than what their passion is in saving lives, they helped us through a very traumatizing situation.  They were not the only ones that did so either.  I would also like to thank the Beacon Light Ward & their Members for coming out and assisting us through so many things we were dealing with at once and bringing a blessing of healing to our son.  Our Insurance company Farm Bureau for their immediate attention and response in resolving our claims and making the process easier for us to understand and get through.

I would also like to send out a Huge Thank-You to Team Mazda Subaru: Rubin, Rob, Josh, Aaron, Tasha & Rob (GM) for their tireless efforts in getting us back on our feet into another vehicle at a lower interest rate and even safer then the one we had.  In saying this…January of 2011 we did our first trade-in with this dealership to get us into our 09 Mazda5 that was completely totaled in last weeks accident.  At that time we went to them to purchase a Subaru Outback, we ended up going with the Mazda5; The safety features engaged at the time of the crash literally saved our Sons’ life as well as him wearing his seatbelt!  Within 24 hours or so that passed by, I was distraught about having transportation & the only thing I could think of at that very moment was to contact Team.  “Wonderful” Rubin listened caringly as I was crying about what happened to our family.  Within 5 minutes I received a call back from our Salesman Rob Rabb stating “I’m authorized to do whatever is necessary to help your family out and I can come pick you up.”  I can’t tell you how comforting those words sounded at the time.  What I can tell you is how much I appreciate the work they did in replacing what we lost and more.  This TEAM stayed beyond closing time to get us back on the road (so to speak).  On Saturday I received an e-mail from Rob (GM) of TEAM Mazda telling ME Thank-You!  No words can express what it feels like to experience a situation where his Team Members treated us like what had happened to us also happened to them, as they treated us like Family.  They did not sell us a car, they gave us hope!  It isn’t always about what we want in life but about what we need and every single person who worked through our process went above and beyond any experience I’ve had with a dealership ever.  I can’t say Thank You enough or show more gratitude to them for working with our family.  What I can do is share this story to all of you in hopes that if you ever find yourself in need of a vehicle I know they will go beyond the distance to help you.  With that I want to share a photo of our newest family addition Kandi: (Click on the photo to go to their web-site!)


There truly is many blessings that came along this last week…During my annual Creative University my Krazy Krafty Sista in Scrappin’ Crime Miss Scrappy Britches herself introduced me to Tim Holtz!  I’m so excited because I ended up getting his latest new release book signed by him:


I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m enjoying his products and playing…so much so that WE decided to sign-up for his “Creative Chemistry 101” First ever Online Class!  I’m totally excited because this class is specific in teaching about the science of his products, to explore, inspire and enhance our own personal creative journey.  In so doing it also inspired our newest collaborative web-site & blog: www.SumKindaKrazy.com!  I sure hope you get a chance to gander as it is still under construction.  This is one of the Big announcements I asked my readers to stay tuned for during my final CU 2012 Journey post.  We would love for you to join us on this journey with Tim Holtz first ever online interactive class.  Please click on the autographed photo for the link directly to his class page for more information.  It includes a life-time access to all the PDF & Video files as well as other creative people from all over the world on top of learning so much more about his product lines and how to incorporate them into what you have on hand.  As you can tell were totally excited about this venture! 

The very same day that I got my book from Tim I received an incredible set of blending ink block tools from Stampers Storage!  My Dear Friend from InkySmiles Erin handcrafted these lovely darlings for me and I’m over the moon in love with them.  You can clearly see why & they go hand in hand with some of the technique's I will be using in our “Creative Chemistry 101” class.  Check it out:  (Click on the photo to order your very own personalized set today!)


Thank you all so much for stamping by and enduring so many things that have transpired this last week at the Creatique Candy Studio.  I appreciate all of your support in everything that we do.  It means the world to me.  With that I want to add that I have personally created 2 PDF documents that you can print from our newest collaborative web-site www.SumKindaKrazy.com that gives you step by step instructions on how to utilize a 12”x12” piece of Cardstock or Paper, & transform it into 3 card bases with many ideas to get Krafty from the templates are FREE as a launch of sorts for our newest site.  The intent was no waste or scrap in having this handy tutorial & drawing.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment on the Sum Kinda Krazy blog post.  I’m looking forward to providing even more fantabulous news this upcoming Sunday afternoon and hope that your week stays safe, happy, loving, and truly blessed!  Stay Tuned Candies…

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Carol Labuski said...

Hi Nichole~the Tim Holtz class sounds awesome and I'd love to take it but my funds are low right now as I will be attending Leadershare in NJ soon! Yea! Keep us posted on other (cheaper) classes though! ;-) And best of luck with your new venture! I'll be following you!