Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creative University Journey Entry 3–Blog Candy Winner!

Wow!  What ah-mazing Journey this is been for me personally.  Thank you to every single Lady who touched my heart so deeply this past year.  I’m so humbled and can barely find the words of gratitude to express at the moment so I think I will just cap off the amazing trip with how truly blessed I feel for having everyone of these precious creations to display in my craftroom.  I’m filled daily with inspiration and courage when I gander around each piece.  I share these gifts of gratitude, that were given to me during my Journey at CU 2012.  I’m just so amazed at the depth of soul coming from their creatively talented hands.  From My Heart To Yours…:
Because of what I was given at CU, I came home inspired to spread a little of that inspiration to someone who’s been there for me through some true tribulations within these last six months.  For her I pay my gratitude of friendship, loyalty, honesty, and trust.  She loved it so much, she actually brought it back so I could take pics of it to share with you.  Here is the Book:
This is a sneak Peak:
What my story for her could tell:
Her Treasure:
My CU Logo Frenzy…I have a fetish for this every year & quite frankly I’m proud to say that this is my wardrobe for the entire year till 2013!
Handmade Treasures that were given to me through-out CU:
The photo Above & Below are from my Roomie’s Amy & Merri!  I feel so special & Loved the Blog matching pillow box!
Chocolates & Cards of Plenty!
The first time I’ve ever participated in a “Secret Sister” exchange.  Hosted by Michelle Johns, this voluntary exchange pairs people up who don’t know who we are until Sunday morning right before our BIG breakfast reveal.  So in other words we create, give, and share our talents with someone through-out the entire CU, then at the end WE get to meet!  I LOVE what My Secret Sister done for me.  Seriously, You can gander for yourself to see how talented she is!  I’m so touched by her generosity and what she did to get to know me.  It was very hilarious to find out that she sat right in front of me (back turned) the entire time.   During the big reveal I had genuine tears of joy, happiness, and deep appreciation for her.  I could swear she knew me personally.  My only regret is that I did not get to spend a lot of quality time getting to know her personally this year but I’m counting down to CU13 already.  So without further ado my tribute to my Secret Sister Tammy!:
MySecretSisterSSGiftsHere are photos of her gifts up Close:
This journal that she created is so ME!  I Lurv it to pieces…plan on using it for my original ideas.
The Finally Gifts – A Stamp set inside the handstamped package & a Desk Calender with each month handstamped to match. :
Our Creative Journey Blog Comment, FB & Blog follow with Comments & Tweets winner is: Mz. KathieSimpleFindingsCongrats You’re the winner of a retired “Back Country” set posted in CU Journey Entry 2.  Please contact me with your information to send out your blog candy.
Now that leap year day is over & we start into March, I wanted to make a huge announcement of my very own.  I host a group on FB called Blog Bonanaza.  What this group does is help others to learn about blogging tricks etc. and teaches others information that we share along the way.  From Banners, to side-bar buttons, blog buttons, turning your blog into a 3-column, etc. etc. we have info for all the blogging goodies.  Feel free to send me a request to join via my contact link and specify why you would like to join our Blog Bonanza group.  Here is our group Button I created:
I have some other major announcements coming up with some new artwork to post and our March Blog Give-Away and I know your going to Lurv it very much!  Please stay tuned… & Thanks for stamping by!
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