Sunday, January 22, 2012

CU 2012 Preparations & New Eye Candy Special Purchase

I can’t even put into words how long the road through the Holidays were with our Family this year.  My deepest apologies for not keeping up on my front page of the web-site for all of My Candy Followers.  I’ve found myself a bitty out of the creative mojo, lack of time, and health issues that stood in the way of bringing you more creative designs and inspiration.  However, I’m pleased to announce that Creatique Candy has her mojo back and is in full swing for preparations in this years annual Creative University retreat coming up in just a few short weeks.  

Each year we have so many fun lovely things that we do for each other and at the annual CU retreat.  One of my favorite things to prep for are the charm swaps!  Armed with this years incredible themed logo, an idea of wanting to be a bit more professional in presentation as a Junior returning to camp (with an awesome Fairy Charm Mother teaching me along the past 3 years), I just had to do something out of the box and different in my presentations of the charms to the wonderful Charming Ladies who participate.  There is more to come in posting in my preps etc. because this year I want to share my journey leading up to the retreat and then a post creative experience after the retreat.  My hope is that you will find within your budget at one point or another to join us for the annual CU Retreat!  Please stay tuned after the post for a link up to purchase your very own handmade charm with your choice of design options for only $8.00 + shipping and handling.  So without further ado here we go:

This is a photo of what I designed for the base of my packaging.  This was used by going through a multiple base of FREE digital art that is out on the net.  I will reference each of the locations that contributed to my work for the Digital Art here are the links: For the Tag Elements & Background For the Green Sparkle Brad For the Tree CUCharmSwapPackageWebPicSo it took a few hours to get this the way I wanted to and figure out printer settings.  I have an Epson Workforce Pro that does just about everything including print photo quality at up to 1200dpi.  The process was a bitty tedious but I will say that how I got them to print correctly was to save as a .png file 24, they were created at 2 3/4” x 4”…then I placed them evenly in a word documents via insert photo.  Of course they turned out fabulous on my exclusive Close To My Heart “Colonial White” cardstock.  LOVE IT! Here are a few more photos of the process:ImageOnChipboardHowPackageLooksFinishedThis is an appreciation photo but 2 suppliers on Etsy was able to fill my needs that contributed to these creations and without them it would not of been possible so a HUGE TY to twpmango: For her lil bottles and fast shipping & Dragyn’sfyre for her awesome turn around (great place for charms etc.)TYDragynsFireHere is the mess I made while creating…please note I do not have one of the process of the bottles but will do so with the first person to special order!MessyCharmCreationHere is a pic of the finished Product:FinishedCharmPackageFinishedReadyToGoHere are a couple of the finished Charm photos!  With Valentines fast approaching what a great gift idea for Family, Sisters, Best-Friends, Friends, Co-Workers, Teachers etc.  Just click on either of the two photos below to special order your custom made Dragonfly Bottle Charm Today!  Make sure you put in your purchase comments What type of Tierra-cast metal you want either Antique Silver or Antique Gold, and your choice of bead and bottle color combinations; available in Red, Black, Teal, & Purple for the beads, & Red, Black, Teal, Purple, Silver, & Gold for the fine grain inside the bottles. Each are uniquely handmade and different so no single charm will ever be the same, nor will the packaging graphic image.  So show your love of these gorgeous cute charms (less than the size of a quarter) to show off on necklaces and charm bracelets. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my links to the side of the page.  This is also listed under my Sweet Specials Link tab above.  EtsyBuyerFeedbackCU2012CharCU2012WoodlandFairiesAs I’m finishing off the charm swap I’m working to catch up on some awesome H2H Challenges, Handmade gift items and a card swap for the Annual CU 2012 retreat!  Thanks for Stamping By…

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