Wednesday, November 30, 2011

H2H84 & November with Creatique Candy

Howdy Candies…tis been a bitty since I’ve traveled the blogosphere.  During the Holiday Season I tend to take a break away from creativity to spend quality time with my family.  So today I wanted to share the cute quick Christmas Cards I made for the H2H Challenge and a few more things that I have been doing along the way this month…

H2H84 Challenge Sketch




I truly enjoyed the soothing part of designing when I create.  H2H challenge this week helped me to do that and I found it to be soooo much fun.  I won’t be posting a list of items used here on the blog today, however I will update a recipe on the Creatique Candy FB page under the photos for you to gander if you wish.

Thanksgiving & The Joy of Cooking


The Family Feast


I could never understand for the life of me why my Mother always provided me with this book.  I do know it is the book of all books for cooking, however it is still all greek to me!  I have read thoroughly the index pages though. As you can see we prepared quite the feast for having 9 people.  I’m beyond thankful for the time our Family spent in the kitchen working together for this incredible meal.  My prayer is to make everyday of the year a day full of thankfulness and love and not just on Thanksgiving.

Impromptu Oregon Business Trip Fitting in A Beach Shot!


Out of nowhere and totally not planned at all we took an impromptu business trip to the Oregon coast.  What an incredible amount of quality time I got to spend with my beloved Husband.  This beachy shot just showed that as miserable as I was feeling, the weather being icky and chilly, despite the fact that I totally wanted to crawl right back into bed…I wouldn’t of traded all the prompting in the world by my Husband to just get in the car and see the beach!  So for all of you who are reading and live by the beach…I envy YOU.  I would totally be on that beach every single morning with my latte’ in hand taking a walk.  I love the sound of the ocean ripples, waves crashing against the sands, & of course I let my hair down since the week after we returned I cut it all off!  What a photo to keep forever.

I Sooo Miss the Greenery that Mother Nature provides!


The one thing I miss about living on the coast is Greenery!  Tons and Tons of transformations in color hues with the Autumn (which happens to be my favorite time of the year).  So now you know where I’ve been throughout November.  As a Thank You for following and reading along the next photo is a wallpaper version that you can download for your desktops.  Enjoy! & Thanks for Stamping By…



Haley D. said...

Your take on the H2H sketch is so pretty! I love how the ribbon curls down from the bow at the top of the tree. So festive!

Tammy Hornby said...

I love your fun, yet fancy Christmas card. Such a great take on the H2H sketch!