Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hidden Treasures & My New Cute Cricut Cover…

Today I was in my studio searching for some photos so that I could create this weeks H2H challenge. It seems to amaze me what I find every time I start scouring my shelves…Hidden Treasures! Yes, I may not of found the photos that I was looking for but I what I did find was something a bit more precious. I’m anxious to share these pieces of treasures as I’ve had framing them on my wish list for ages now! There is a bitty of a story behind them that I will share at the end of my post.

Before we get into that, I’m ecstatic to show a very special hand-crafted, created with heart, special request I made from a dear gifted CTMH Sister of mine Judy Applegarth. My New E2 Cute Cricut Cover (She is working on my gypsy bag too):

This was the pre-view she posted to my FB, I was already excited when I seen it… MyCricutCoverPreviewThis is the the finished photo of my New Cute Cricut Cover!

MyCricutCoverByJudyJudy is absolutely talented beyond words.  I’ve admired her for years, not just in the artwork that she creates but also knowing how she can manipulate fabric and make the cutest most adorable treasures and I’m truly blessed beyond words that I will always have a piece of her heart with me in my studio.  Judy did this on a total whim when I asked her if she could.  You too can have your very own cute cricut cover ensemble to care for your cricut and gypsy, handmade by Ms. Scrampalot herself just click the photos to go to her blog and send an e-mail for your request. 

Now on to my Hidden Treasures:

These were drawn, manipulated, colored and created in approximately 3-5 days or so.  The bitty story behind these pieces is about 9 years ago we experienced a tragedy in our family.  Coping with the tornado of emotional pain such as grief, loss, anger, and hurt, was something I was not educated in handling very well.  It was a dear friend that came to my aid and told me that I should find an avenue to deal with the tragedy that shadowed my inner psyche.  This is only but a small example or contribution that came from that healing process, long ago. 


I Love Dolphins!  In this underwater scene I used colored pencils to get different shades.


These Floral arrangements were from using Oil Pastels.


This Scattered Flower Drawing is a mix media of tools, crayons, oils, and colored pencils.

From that moment on until this day I find that creating is my comfort blanket.  There is something about seeing the finished result and how it can impact or warm someone that motivates me to continue to create.  Finding these Hidden Treasures is a constant reminder that I wanted to share that there are many reasons in which I derive my inspiration and creativity from but very few pieces are from such a memory.  Thanks for stamping by…

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