Monday, September 12, 2011

Mountain Trip - Blog Candy

Have you ever just wanted to hop in the car, gas it up, and just go with it?  Well on this particular day my darling Husband cashed in one of his promises to take me on an early morning sunset drive.  This is something we use to do with the kids every weekend when we first moved to Idaho.  There is truly something about traveling your surrounding area to venture out and see what nature has to offer.  I have practiced this tradition of weekend driving nearly my whole life.  Nothing beats a good cup of Joe, armed with a pro-camera, windows rolled down taking in the country air, while seeing the wonders of mother nature.  Here are a couple of photos of what we seen along the way down Pearl Road (to a burnt down town in the middle of nowhere)...of course we never made it to Pearl as we blinked and it was gone.  None the less here we go: 
Random Photo of something I still can't finger out. 
Pit Stop to take a rare photo of an old mining shaft.  No wonder why it cautions, I wonder what happened to get that car or truck there, hmmm.
Some really cool random trees that are at different stages affected by Fire. 
Destination Overlooking the Valley...Couldn't help to capture the mountains and road-side flowers along the drive.
The calm in the water gave way to a mirror reflection. 
This is just the drive we took wanting to check out Pearl.  We never made it there but in Idaho as desert theme it may seem, there truly is so much more once you get deep into the mountains. 
On another note, just the other day I pulled up this really cool link for a witches shoe that I seen another H2H member post in a gift they made for a friend.  The template can be found here at Skip To My Lou you can download the pdf version and print it.  So I LOVE the darling idea she did with the shoe.  So what I did was downloaded and attempted to finger out exactly how the shoe was created, this is what I came up with as a prototype: 
Here is the mock up of the decorations?  
So here Creatiques Blog Candy Give-Away...I posted this photo to our Creatique Candy FB page and I'm asking for some creative ideas from you, my readers.  How To Participate: Go to the Candy Connections link to the right of the page, Fan Us on FB, locate the post on the shoe and give some thoughts on what you would love to see me do with this shoe and YOU COULD WIN IT! (Or you can click the title link at the top of this post and comment)  Now I'm an avid shoe lover and admittedly so are my girlfriends.  I have all these fancy pants ideas but nothing specific thematically or color combo wise.  The challenge is to pick an idea by you to create your very own shoe!  Bonus: The Winner will also recieve a pre-cut template to create a shoe of there very own with the thoughts you posted.  It has to consist of Close To My Heart products or any combination.  So click on the Candy Basket tab, take a look at the Idea Book and let Creatique Candy know what you want to see.  Thanks for Stamping By...

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