Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Blast!

There are no words to express my deepest gratitude for all of the cards, messages, e-mails, FB posts, and phone calls for the birthday wishes I received.  Thank You Mom & Dad for the awesome telephone message with Pop picking the guitar and you both singing to me.  I know it isn't the same unless I'm watching him live at home, but it still made me tear up all the same.  I truly want to extend a GIANORMOUS extra special thanks to The Anaya and Betts Families for making a day so incredibly memorable!  The menu was quite delicious, we had chicken/beef grilled skewers, chips n dip, salsa, & my fav custom made snickers cake.  The kids had so much fun frolicking in the pool water and the dogs had some fun of their own too.  I had the best Birthday Blast ever!  
I'm Blessed beyond words!  The Flowers of LOVE intertwined with my fav (carnations) came from my DH.  I could stick a carnation in my nose for hours (Don't try this at home, could be addicting).  
My plan is to take my DH on a picnic using our new travel case with the special Italian wine.  I want to capture some shots of our beautiful country side in the Idaho Mountains, (after all key ingredient to a successful marriage is communication and making an effort to spend time alone).  

An extra special thank you to everyone for all your support in my journey.  I have a dream and it is only motivated by having the ability to touch others and share my passions in Scrapbooking, Card Creating, Handmade Gifts and Home Decor'.  Each piece I create is from the depths of my heart and are inspired by those who surround me in life and online.  I can not wait to see what I can do more to engage you into preserving and sharing in the moments that matter most to YOU!  Stay Tuned this week for a Creatique Candy Blog give-away.  Thanks For Stamping By...

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