Thursday, July 21, 2011

Convention Recovery

Wow, who would of thunk it?  What an amazing Vacation we had at CTMH Disney Convention this year!  Okay, so those of You who have not read the news yet; I had a mild stroke during our vacation.  I would love to attribute it to all of the excitement, wonderment, and overwhelming amount of LOVE that was shared.  It was impossible not to feel these warm memories blanket my soul all the way home and pull me through by the hair on my chinny chin chin. :)  I'm very blessed that there is an incredible team of care-providers working with my recovery.
One of the things I found during this hick-up is that my will and want to spare myself embarrassment or having to leave such an amazing event we had planned for since last year with some of the most amazing Sisterhood around; is that I know I can be an excellent actor!  Not that I will star in any Disney movies anytime soon, but I do know that the stage was set and my part in this amazing act was to maintain composure, persevere, and at all cost enjoy being in the moment.  I'm thankful I did more than words can say. 
The evening of the Awards Gala was slap-stick hilarious with my Darling Husband up for auction as Bachelor #1 in one of the Impromptu Disney Cast Skits during desert.  I laughed so hard I fell off of my chair, literally.  Every moment of Convention was a precious one that I will forever remember.  My Dearest CTMH Sister and Beloved Friend Rising Star of 2010 Amy Muse made this experience over the top for us.  We couldn't of been there without her endearing generosity.  Thank You Miss Scrappy Britches! 
I wished I had more moments to share from this year's convention but my camera decided it was on vacation too!  I think I'm still Star Struck in a Post-Convention Coma!  We are near the end of my Convention Recovery but the next act for Creatique Candy is just beginning.  I've worked a little bit here and there to update my web-site.  The Newest & Fun feature is the Creatique Basket Tab.  Take a Gander and Enjoy!  As always it is a pleasure to have you stamp by... 

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