Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog Extreme Makeover & Tiles...?

Yipee!  Back in the saddle again.  Or is it Back in the Blog again?  Yes, I would reckon that is it!  I'm so excited to bring you a new interactive extreme makeover to my Blog.  Just click above on my Candy Basket Tab to take a gander at all the Creatively New Things I've added.

Now let's talk Tiles...uhm, I presume it wasn't the ones I walked on today in the kitchen?  Is it from the scrabble game?  (though you can make cute adorable charms with them), Well if it isn't from our floors and they don't create words, then what in the world are they?  Well...Tiles come in many different forms of course.  They can be wood, CHIPBOARD, ceramic, fabric based.  However, the Tiles I'm talking about well...
Yes, Yes, of course these are from 2006 but it does demonstrate how an old idea can be transformed into a completely new idea and have many uses for many things.  Now Imagine these treasured keepsakes as a large photo but cut into 3"x3" squares to create one big puzzle.  What if they were each designed with a unique saying on them and put into a box?  What if I could use it to create a Memory Game?  Hmmm....Well let's just see:
So here is our New My Creations Memory Game Box Item# Z1614 & inside this awesome box are 24 yes, 24 3"x3" Sturdy Chipboard Tiles.  (That's what I call them anywho) So many possibilities with this adorable gift item.  Above you see a photo of what I did with wooden Tiles in 2006, I can do the same thing with these tiles and then some!  What a Fabulous Gift to create for any occasion.  There are tons of ideas for this treasured new product exclusively on-sale August 1st via my Shop Tab.  I look forward to seeing what you create with the My Creations Memory Game Box.  To share just post a photo to the Creatique Candy Facebook Album and you will be entered to win a FREE My Creations Memory Game Box!  Thanks For Stamping By... 

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