Friday, July 1, 2011

Artwork On The Move...

YaY!  Comments are officially ENABLED in order to leave a sweet though just click on the post to do so!  Whoosh that took forever to finger out. :) Now on to Artwork On The Move...Since the new site I wanted to share a few of my favorite artwork pieces from Creatique Innovationz that I'm a fan of!  Some where contributed to the H2H challenges, some just out of creative inspiration.  I hope you enjoy seeing some of them again!  Thanks for Stamping by. 
 H2H Birthday Challenge October 2010
Kusadami Flower Ball 2010
 Gorgeous Technique Learned Via Fabulously Artsy!
 Waterfall Card...Loved Creating This!
 Inspired Via "Creative Hearts" Executive Director Michelle Snyder during training Winter 2010
Altered Clipboard Project April 2011
 Fabric Flower on the Altered Clipboard.
Loved doing this Frame I got for $.25 at a garage sale for the H2H Bunny Hop! 
 Chairs To You March SOTM & "Pink Ladies" Challenge Winner 
"Wings" Card Featured on Big Red Scraps Jan 2011
 A Close Up of Clusters Create on my National Scrapbooking Month Project "You & Me"
 Cute Card shirts I was playing around with. 
 Part of my INSPIRE Banner using "Wings"
This was a blast to create TY to Sara Batkin for the original idea and using my "You & Me" stamp set!
So that is it for the artwork I adored and wanted to feature here.  I hope you enjoy seeing some of them again.  I'm looking forward to adding more each week or so.  Keep Stamping By to see what is new! HUGS
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